Aanoo says…

In the apartment we live in we usually don’t get to see too many flies because we live on a higher floor. However the random stray fly sometimes manages to catch us by surprise.

One morning I found Aanya crouched down and staring intently at something on the floor. Walking over to her I discovered she was staring at a fly that had settled on the floor.

“Mama! Shpiduh” she exclaimed, fascinated by the unusually still fly.

“Aww aanoo that’s not a spider, it’s a fly!” I told her.

“Fly” she repeated staring at it. Suddenly the fly took a few steps towards her.

Her little hands flew up to her mouth in an “oh” and she looked at me wide eyed and stated “Mama, wook! It walk!!!!”

Making room for shy


Something to think about and love! Reminds me of Leena – my best girl :)

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On an average day, I see more grumpy adults than grumpy children. The strange thing is, while the adults are allowed to continue their behavior unsupervised, the children are always expected to explain themselves. Especially children who are shy. Or children who appear to have charisma, but display it only after they have warmed up to you. Re is one such child. He is constantly monitored by the adults who allegedly ‘dote’ on him. Why are you quiet? Why are you not talking? Why are you not answering my (idiotic) questions? Do you want a chocolate? Sometimes, the questions are directed not to him, but to me: Why is he shy?

More so since Re’s antics and banter precede him (partly my fault), and there are so many conversations in the public domain that many adults feel a sense of familiarity when they meet him (and I can’t grudge them…

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22 months…

This little girl turns 22 months today! ❤️

 She totally knows how to make my heart skip and sing (kind of exactly like her big sister does.) She also knows she can get away with anything where her baba is concerned.  She is also aware of the hold she has on her big sister who finds her absolutely fascinating!  And she is as gentle and calm as she is spirited! 



Updates and such (so I don’t forget)

I was supposed to post this note a month ago but I somehow forgot all about it. It probably doesn’t qualify as a post but rather a list of stuff that I just don’t want to forget.
Where leena had her first words written down in a baby book, with Aanya I jot down most things on my phone at night while putting her to sleep. So in order to give those random thoughts an order, here’s a little “Awesome Job Aanya” post from a few weeks back.

“As Aanya approached the 18 month a few weeks ago I noticed little spurts in h vocabulary and because she literally keeps me on my toes all day, I wanted to jot down very quickly some of the words she has added to her favourites:

Bush – brush
Doh – dog
Ipaah- iPad
Minmia – Tin man
Starethow – scarecrow (from the wizard of oz which is her favourite movie and I mean favourite! She can sit through the entire movie without budging)
Cloko – clock
Neenah – leena
Yaiya – Leila
Bhee – Bhai
Doosh – Goosh (ear in Farsi)
Beyyi – belly
Ayes – eyes
Toh – toe
Shooz – shoes
Toulders- shoulders
Harse – horse
Housh – house
Ilsa – Elsa
Laf – Olaf
Joosh – juice
Mani – pani or water
Nuuuum – yum
Whey ish Aanya? There is – Where’s Aanya? There she is!
One, tooo, theee, pfour, shive (she can count to ten when prompted and recognises the numbers thanks to her big sister)

Loves to copy Leena.
Loves shoes.
Loves the iPad too!

Currently humming her ABC’s in no particular order :)

Favourite song – love is an open door, reindeers are better than people and lakdi ki kaathi – and a recent addition to this list is let it go (she actually knows all the actions from the song)

She loves to sing and can be found trying to sing through most familiar songs!

Favourite things to eat – fried egg with toast, Paratha, Bihari kabab, French toast, rice and qeema aaloo – mostly all fruits, catty chins, marshmallows, rice krispies and cocomo.

Loves the park and slides.
Loves climbing things.”